Aug. 27th, 2012 10:17 am
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There was this secret FBI agent type who looked into supernatural events like some tv shows out there do, and he was reliving his past. When he was growing up he was a super pacifist, despite the fact he had a large and athletic build that meant he could pound most people into submission. He was a sweet and caring guy, and didn't want to be involved in conflicts. He went to this boarding school, and had this best friend who was a foreign boy who seemed very strange to most of the people in the school and so was often the subject of bullying. But the boy tried to help his friend by trying to say whenever the bullying happened that they shouldn't stoop to his level, that violence was wrong, and it would be better to try and ignore things.

One night though, the bully killed the boy's friend (involving setting his shirt on fire), and then knocked the boy out when he tried to help, and left them in some dark room. (The bully had been edged on and watched by a group of other students, including a snobby, beautiful, cold girl that is also one of the supernatural agents, who the boy when he is older falls in love with - rather complicated past there.) The boy wakes up to find his friend clinging onto life, and the boy has no idea that his friend is dying. He just thinks his friend was hurt, but not that badly.

And his friend tells him, not that he's dying, as he doesn't want to upset his friend, but that: "I'm going home now. Maybe sometimes when you go to sleep no matter where you are, you go home. But don't worry, I'm bringing you with me, I've packed you away in my heart."

And then he dies. And this set the boy on his path to become a gun-toting agent.


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