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There was this teenage boy that finds a helmet that when you input a name of a person you suddenly see and feel their years of memory and experience. He fell in love with his neighbour and used the helmet to woo her with romantic skills he learned from others. And he used the helmet to become something of a superhero, using the experience of people with experience fighting.

Then he was discovered by his family, who didn't like that he was kinda moving too fast with his new girlfriend. And his father was a very cool, mysterious guy, and so the teenage boy never put his father's name into the helmet because he didn't want to break his father's trust, didn't want to know anything about his father that he didn't tell him himself, but when the boy's older brother took the helmet when they found out about it the first thing the brother does is put in his father's name.

And the teenage boy was like noo! Don't do that! But too late. They found out that their father was a prisioner of war and went through a whole lot of terrible terrible things. And his children understood. That's why you never told us about your childhood. You never had one, it was stolen from you.


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