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I dreamed about cosplay! But not in a good way. I made this long necklace? It was huge, like the length of a wedding veil and had fur and trinkets in it. It was very heavy, more like a coat? It was meant to be the history of video games, ahahaha. So it had all these representative things for important games, and especially my favourite, Final Fantasy IX.

So I was rushing to get to the line-up for performers and I was really mad because I had just before then tried to buy ice cream. I paid and talked to the guy, and asked him why, when shaping the ball, he scraped off the excess ice cream and washed it off in the water cup instead of putting it back in the ice cream container. He didn't give me a satisfactory answer. When I got to the end and he gave me the cone, it had broken. There was just the tail end. So he took it back and said to return to get another.

I went to this huge bathroom to get my cosplay ready. When I was out in the hallway afterwards I remembered the ice cream but it was too late to go back, so I was all pissed.

When I got in line there were tons and tons of people there, all ready. I wasn't. I couldn't find the FFIX part of my costume. I kept running my hands through it, trying to find this one thing...and then the thread snapped.

Anderson Cooper was the presenter, and when he asked if everyone was ready I asked him what I could do with a broken costume. He said he'd give me a prize anyway, but it wasn't like a kindness it was more like those lame participation certificates. I didn't get one, the dream ended there in disappointment and frustration.

I know I was grinding my teeth during this one because my jaw hurts.



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