O mans.

Sep. 12th, 2012 06:50 am
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Was meeting my brother's new baby, a boy named Yuelan. He was a kind of scary looking baby with old eyes and a twisted smile. I told my brother's wife he looked like an old man, and then regretted saying such a thing! All babies look like Winston Churchill, I told myself, she will understand. But I still felt bad about saying it, and later apologised. She said it was okay, she knows the baby has the eyes of a fifty year old. One of her other friends actually said the baby looks like a Leprechaun, so I felt a little better.
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A young man who lives with his family under a tyrannical regime. Each house has a robot/bomb which keeps an eye on the inhabitants. Their robot becomes infected by a virus (maybe?) and keeps going after the members of the family until the young man lures it to a vacated part of the house and shoots it with a contraband gun, setting off an explosion. The police and a government agent arrives, and the young man successfully lies to them, but knows once they investigate they will figure it out, so he must leave his home forever or bring harm to his family. He takes some time to pack, and says good-bye, before swimming into a nearby lake.
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In an art gallery in Japan, a man is building a novel out of many popsicle sticks. One letter written on one popsicle stick. Glued together and going out from a centre circle. The novel is incomplete. My brother is amused.
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There was this teenage boy that finds a helmet that when you input a name of a person you suddenly see and feel their years of memory and experience. He fell in love with his neighbour and used the helmet to woo her with romantic skills he learned from others. And he used the helmet to become something of a superhero, using the experience of people with experience fighting.

Then he was discovered by his family, who didn't like that he was kinda moving too fast with his new girlfriend. And his father was a very cool, mysterious guy, and so the teenage boy never put his father's name into the helmet because he didn't want to break his father's trust, didn't want to know anything about his father that he didn't tell him himself, but when the boy's older brother took the helmet when they found out about it the first thing the brother does is put in his father's name.

And the teenage boy was like noo! Don't do that! But too late. They found out that their father was a prisioner of war and went through a whole lot of terrible terrible things. And his children understood. That's why you never told us about your childhood. You never had one, it was stolen from you.


Aug. 27th, 2012 10:13 am
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My brother had a boy, Michael, and then he divorced his wife. And Michael looked half Asian that was odd. And a character had these two lamps for 21 years, when I don't think it could possibly have been this long guess it was college, and over the years would change the lamps, add things, take things away, like plants and stickers and paintings, and when he was leaving school, finally, he just left them behind. Whether the next student would just throw them out five minutes after getting into the dorm, he didn't know, but he just left them behind. Things that he had worked on and had for 21 years. There was even this time lapse moment where you watched these lamps through the many days, the lamps changing, the light changing depending on the time. And then abandoned. (Or set free?)


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