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Had a dream where earth was too polluted so a genius daughter of a scientist was able to discover a planet far away that was able to sustain life, and she helped build the space ship capable of carrying people there over a year long journey. Many young people volunteered to go, adventurous souls. When they reached the planet they discovered it was inhabited by creatures, not entirely unlike humans. Tiny and cute and naive, they welcomed the humans with open arms.

The scientist's daughter though realised that both humans and these creatures could not co-exist on the same planet and so decided the humans had to go home. So she, and with the help of her shape-shifting friend (where did he come from), decided to scare the humans away, creating more monstrous creatures (the shape shifter). In the end, everyone left the peaceful happy creatures on their own, and the scientist and the shape-shifter fell in love.

In another dream I had, I was a teacher at this bizarre school. Another teacher was talking smack about me so I was upset and wanted to go back to my residence for now. The places where people lived were in tiny models to save on space and you had to think yourself small to get into them. And for some reason I went into the wrong house by mistake, a house of strangeness, as if being built so there were tons of trucks in the basement trying to run me over or drop a cascade of metal bars on me, until I managed to get up the ramp, and past this narrow hall and into the bathroom. Gollum (that one!!!) came bounding down the hall through the dark and in that moment my dream self thought oh, I must be dreaming, how else could Gollum be here?. Gollum was happy to see me. I told him we had to sneak up to the top of the building because I had a jolly jumper that could get us out. So we sneaked up stairs and then I used the jolly jumper, a firework rocket of some kind that lifted us up into the air, but we ended up falling not too far from the house.

I think Aragorn and company joined us then and we tromped around and got mud in our boots, I dunno. Aragorn was bitching about his socks being wet.
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A young man who lives with his family under a tyrannical regime. Each house has a robot/bomb which keeps an eye on the inhabitants. Their robot becomes infected by a virus (maybe?) and keeps going after the members of the family until the young man lures it to a vacated part of the house and shoots it with a contraband gun, setting off an explosion. The police and a government agent arrives, and the young man successfully lies to them, but knows once they investigate they will figure it out, so he must leave his home forever or bring harm to his family. He takes some time to pack, and says good-bye, before swimming into a nearby lake.
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In the future our population has declined through more or less natural not exactly sad reasons, just time I guess, so the world is equipped for billions of people but lots less than that are there so a lot of parts are abandoned. And aliens have ways of making men pregnant so some poor men have become surrogates for people who want babies but can't have their own.
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Girl writing stories in her top room of home in the future, writing about things in the past, including bubble boy who is in love with "Lois Lane" girl.


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